Compounding is our specialty. We pride ourselves in providing quality compounds for you and your whole family, even your pets! We are bringing pharmacy back to its roots to provide custom medications for better health.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and training ensure that your medication is the perfect fit for your specific needs each and every time! If your medication becomes discontinued, or is on short supply we can compound that medication for you. We can provide different dosages and dosage forms for medications that are hard to swallow, taste terrible, or the strength simple doesn’t exist.

Compounders here at Cherokee Custom Script are excellent problem solvers, with specialized compounding resources, let us help you get exactly what you need!


Dr. Laura Coker Greene offers general health and hormone consults to get you on your way to having more energy, feeling balanced, sleeping better, decreasing oxidative stress and fueling your body well!

Questions about compounding or consults? Call/text 770-704-6161