Easily Order Supplements with wellevate’s Online Dispensary

by in Health Tips January 19, 2021

Your Cherokee Custom Rx Pharmacist is here to provide you with the supplements you need to live a life full of health, movement, and enjoyment. We’ve now added a new service for our customers and partnered with wellevateSM, a professional supplement dispensary that is completely online. wellevateSM delivers the resources to help support integrative health practitioners, like us, provide the best possible care to customers just like you! 


Through our website, you are able to purchase the products you love from us through our wellevateSM store

How can wellevateSM help me?

wellevateSM was created to help health practitioners recommend the highest quality products to their patients and customers via an easy to use digital dispensary. Additionally, there is no need to worry about your privacy and safety since every transaction is secure as well as HIPAA and PCI compliant. 


Now, it is easier than ever to follow our pharmacists recommended protocols through a simple ordering process. Take a look at an example of the patient dashboard below.

wellevateSM dashboard

Through your dashboard, you have access to over 350+ health and wellness brands and can purchase them all through the CCRx wellevateSMpage. This simplified resource for our customers allows us to provide you with personalized supplement recommendations. You can keep track of your purchases and stock up on supplies with just a few button clicks!


How does it work?

The easy to use interface allows customers to search for any supplement, mineral, or vitamin they need. To find the perfect product for your health and wellness, you can use the filters on the left side of the “Shop Products” page. The filter categories are depicted in the image below. This is great for times when you can’t make it out to see us! 

wellevateSM filters

These filters allow you to find the exact product, brand, and dosage, that is perfect for your health and wellness needs while taking into account your dietary conditions and preferred delivery format such as tablets, gummies, or sprays. Most products also have the option to purchase different amounts of product based on your desired price range or depending on your recommended dosage. 


Have you ever forgotten which dosage you take or when you last bought your supplements? Another great feature of wellevateSM is that you have access to your entire purchase history. Now, all you need to do is head over to the  “History” section in your dashboard and every item you’ve purchased in the past will show up! 


Making our recommended supplements easily accessible to our customers is of utmost importance to our team at Cherokee Custom Rx. It’s our mission to make sure we are providing high-quality products to support your health and wellness at an affordable rate and at your convenience. To be a member of our wellevateSM store, sign up for free here!

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