Phosphorylated Serine Adaptogen and Adrenal Support

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Stress is a common feature of everyday life that can raise cortisol levels and lead to significant health problems. Seriphos was developed to aid in lowering cortisol when cortisol levels are elevated due to acute and chronic stress.

Seriphos contains key nutrients for stress resiliency. This original and unique formulation provides phosphorylated serine along with ethanolamine phosphate to promote a more balanced and healthy stress response. Phosphorylated serine and ethanolamine phosphate serve as metabolic building blocks for the synthesis of phosphatidylserine and phosphatidylethanolamine, cell membrane phospholipids that regulate key aspects of cellular function.

The synergistic formulation of phosphorylated serine and ethanolamine phosphate in Seriphos promotes healthy adrenal function and an optimal response to stress.